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Hanse Aerospace

Innovative, flexible − indispensable

Association of aviation and space industries

The Aerospace Alliance

The Aerospace Alliance is a public-private partnership whose Members are the States of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida. Our mission is to continue growing the aerospace industry in the southeastern United States--the fourth largest manufacturing corridor in the world. With over 310,000 aerospace and defense employees, our region is home to some of the world's most advanced manufacturing operations, aerospace installations, key NASA facilities, and numerous military installations critical to the Department of Defense flight missions and training. Our four states' commerce departments stand ready to answer your questions. For more information, visit our website:

Georgia USA

We help you to achieve business success in the U.S.A.

Find out why the world does business with and in Georgia, U.S.A. We're home to the world's busiest airport and America's fastest growing port − making our logistics infrastructure unbeatable. Our rich natural and people resources lead to new and innovative products and services every day. And we speak business here, ensuring that your company won't run into unnecessary complications. When you're looking for the next great site, product or service, look to Georgia U.S.A. To get started, call Nils Gerber, telephone +49 (0)89 517 027 40, or visit:

Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network supports your company to find relevant business or technology partners, helps small and medium companies, to develop new products & new markets advices small and medium companies on technical issues, standards and EU-legislation and it helps your company to get in touch with the European Commission. The Enterprise Europe Network is a key instrument in the EU's strategy to boost growth and jobs. Bringing together close to 600 business support organisations from more than 50 countries, we help small companies seize the unparalleled business opportunities in the EU Single Market. Our member organisations include chambers of commerce and industry, technology centres, research institutes and development agencies. Most of them have been supporting local businesses for a long time. They know their clients' strengths and needs - and they know Europe. As members of the Enterprise Europe Network they are linked up through powerful databases, sharing their knowledge and sourcing technologies and business partners across all Network countries. But they are also closely linked with the European Commission, which enables them to keep abreast of EU policies and to feed small companies' views on them back to Brussels. Contact details are listed here:

Torino Piemonte Aerospace

A project to meet a selection of 84 top class companies from Piemonte Torino Piemonte Aerospace offers international buyers a preferential channel to meet and develop business with a selection of top class enterprises of the aerospace and defence sector based in Piemonte, Italy. The team's assistance is completely free of charge. It ascertains buyers' needs, upon request it suggests possible suppliers and arranges one-to-one meetings in Torino or on one's premises. Technical working tables: a new tool to improve technological skills and innovation of Torino Piemonte Aerospace companies. Visit our website to discover specific capabilities, accreditations or approvals of our member companies ready to become your business partners. If you wish to meet our companies please do not hesitate to contact the Torino Piemonte Aerospace team.


Forum Luft- und Raumfahrt Baden-Württemberg e.V.

The Forum Aerospace Baden-Württemberg e. V. (LR BW) represents the aerospace industry in the Southwest of Germany. Members are SMEs, large corporations, research institutes and universities, covering an extensive range of products and services in the aerospace the Torino Piemonte Aerospace team. The superior target of the Forum LRBW is to bundle the activities of the aerospace industry and to develop cooperation between enterprises, service providers, institutes and research partners to advance technology and to transfer this into innovative projects.


European Aerospace Cluster Partnership

BCI Aerospace

Global leader of BtoB events

BCI Aerospace is advanced business events − abe, specialized division for aviation and defense oriented events. It was established in 1996 and has become world leader of business to business events for the aeronautics, space and defense industries. We are proudly recognized in the industry as a key player whose business is to connect OEMs and suppliers through pre-arranged and business focused meetings and conferences. You may be a regional agency aiming to promote its aerospace industry, a large manufacturer or OEM, a small and medium sized contract manufacturers, BCI Aerospace is very likely to have an appropriate offer for you. Wherever you are located BCI Aerospace would be reactive as we have the capacity of organizing our specialized events, conferences and missions in the entire world. Take a careful look at our expertise and range of services and contact us today. We'll do our very best to assist and bring you commercial, sourcing or development solutions.

CFK Valley Stade e.V.

Success by Innovation − The Network for Composite Technology

The CFK-Valley Stade e.V. is an established europe-wide competence network for carbon fibre reinforced plastics (short CFRP, German abbreviation = CFK). The association was founded in 2004 and is located in Stade, a city close to the region of Hamburg. More than 100 international companies, research facilities and universities are organized in the non-profit association. Inventing future orientated designs, automated manufacturing processes and part production are the purposes of the CFK-Valley Stade. The versatile competences of market leading experts allow the covering of the entire value chain. It starts with educating of highly skilled employees and spreads over the part design and serial production towards the recycling of CFRP-components after use. All mobility branches like aerospace, automotive, rail way, marine systems, transportation as well as wind energy and mechanical engineering in general lie in the focus of the activities of the CFK-Valley Stade. CFRP allows lighter and fuel saving airplanes, motor vehicles and ships as well as bigger and more powerful blades for wind energy power stations. The carbon fibre reinforced polymer 'CFRP' has the biggest potential beyond the materials of the future. To successful face these challenges, it is essential that different partners co-operate within a network. The CFK-Valley Stade e.V. provides its members and partners an ideal cooperation platform. The purpose is to develop innovative products and place them in the different markets. A specific characteristic of the innovation network for carbon fibre reinforced plastics is the unique infrastructure consisting of several buildings (INFOPOINT, CFK NORD, TECHNOLOGY, SERVICE, CAMPUS and RECYCLING) around the Airbus plant Stade.

Rödl & Partner

Rödl Langford de Kock LLP

Rödl & Partner, a leading global professional services firm, providing you integrated accounting, auditing, tax and business consulting solutions to the unique needs of your foreign owned businesses in the United States of America. As the preferred professional services firm of German speaking 'Mittelstand' entities, you will benefit from the extensive experience of our U.S. certified public accountants as well as our bilingual staff of professionals, many whom also arry international certigications. Our unique focus and cross-border specialization has allowed us to attract highly skilled and experienced professionals that aree committed to providing high quality professional services. Whether you are just starting up in the U.S. market or you have an established presence here, our services are designed to efficiently assist you in dealing with the often complex matters facint today's foreign owned business operating in the U.S. Our approch is simple, it is designed with your needs and expectations in mind, with a single point of contact and a professional team formed around your professional services and language expectations.

IKS Innovation Network Hamburg

Connects business and science

The Innovation Network ICS provides direct contacts to the scientific institutions in Hamburg. The following free consulting services we offer:
• targeted communication and networking suitable project partners, experts and other actors in the innovation process
• Design and monitoring of the cooperation process as a moderator
• Selection and placement of support services in Hamburg networks
Innovations contact point (ICS) Hamburg is a joint initiative of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Hamburg universities under the Hamburg Innovation Alliance.

Landesinitiative Hessen Aviation

Hessen Aviation is a leading platform for interdisciplinary and application-oriented project work, research, education and training revolving around aviation and aerospace. Hessen Aviation brings together various specialist disciplines under one roof and is born by intense support from the Federal State of Hessen. Located in Gateway Gardens at Frankfurt Airport, Hessen Aviation is proud to be part of the House of Logistics & Mobility (HOLM), an internationally recognized cluster of competence and innovation in logistics, mobility and aviation. As a project center, HOLM offers ideal venues for joint interdisciplinary and industry-wide projects. As a showcase and international beacon, it stands for the effectiveness and innovative drive of logistics, mobility and aviation in Germany. HOLM provides all the physical prerequisites for combining innovative work and research, practical teaching and learning approaches and a multimedia experience of logistics, mobility and aviation – in accordance with the latest findings in optimal working environments.

Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (ITKAM)

The Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (ITKAM) is a German registered no-profit bilateral association, founded in 1911 in Germany by a group of Italian and German entrepreneurs. Our main purpose is to promote the economic relationships in Europe, especially between Italy and Germany. We are recognized by the Italian Government as an Italian Chamber of Commerce Abroad and belong to a network of over 70 Chambers all over the world.

bavAIRia eV

bavAIRia eV. was commissioned by the Bavarian State Government with the management of the cluster Aerospace. Target of bavAIRia is to identify the Bavarian core competencies in aerospace and space applications and expertise support stronger links with each other to increase the global competitiveness of these industries. Members and stakeholders of bavAIRia e. V. represent the entire industrial and research landscape of Bavaria.

Netherlands Aerospace Group

The Netherlands Aerospace Group is proud of being able to support the strong Dutch aerospace cluster on the global market. Practically all enterprises that excel in education, R&D, engineering, production, MRO and the associated support functions have united under the umbrella of the NAG. Thanks to this, the NAG is recognized as the sector’s contact with the government, the sector’s representative within the European ASD and the sector’s face on the global market. In short, NAG supports its members through knowledge, positioning and representations.


TransNetAero (Transnational Network of Aerospace Regions) is a network of organisations in six European aerospace regions and smaller countries which are working together and sharing their resources so aerospace industry suppliers in each region or country are better equipped to succeed in global markets.